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I'm the AllyKat. Or Miss AllyKat if this is the first time you have encountered me. I hold the secrets of the Universe. I try to share them here. Ask me anything, submit me cool/funny things, but don't be a jerk. Be excellent to everyone. I am a fangirl of things & I am not sorry! XD

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Someone asked me what my favorite animal was today. Moon eyed Philippine Tarsiers are adorable! They’ve got suction cup fingers, tennis ball equivalent sized eyes, and a reiddiculously long non-prehensile tail. They also commit suicide apparently, which makes them even more bad ass, and sad as hell. Still, adorable, though.

Those little guys tie as my favorite animal with: ephelants. Elephants are awesome! They have a deeply complex language and way of communication with the vibrations they make with their feet. They exibit homosexual behaviours. When elephants are born, they suck their trunks for comfort like little kids suck their thumbs. Elephants have death rituals, they’re the only animals besides humans and Neanderthals to do so. When an elephant dies the herd will grow silent. Members of its herd will dig a shallow grave for it, and cover it with dirt and branches. If other elephants were close to the dead elephant, they can show signs of depression. If a herd of elephants come across a dead unkown elephant or human, they will show them the same respects. I’ve wanted to ride one since I was a little girl.

That’s why they’re my favorite, lady’s an gentlemen!